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Dogs have been a part of my life since birth.  I grew up with Border Collies, black Labs, yellow Labs and rough Collies.  Once I went out on my own I got a taste of the terrier and haven't looked back.  They say once you have had a terrier, you have been had.  I was and am.  I had Yorkshire Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers and then I met the Lakeland Terrier.  It was love at first sight.  I met a breeder named Janice Gessner in 1983 and with my kids in hand stole her red stud male Lakie, CH Epic Firebrand.  We told her she could keep the breeding rights, we just wanted the dog.  This has led to a long and wonderful friendship between our families.  Brandy bred many litters in western Canada and remained a great gentleman until his death at age 15.

My next Lakie was a young black and tan female called CH Laelaps Hecate TT CD TDI  Delta  PeTS.  She was a poor brood bitch losing all but one pup in 4 litters.  But in every other way she was the greatest.  She enjoyed Obedience, Conformation, Agility, Tracking and spent her later years doing Pet Therapy work and winning a Delta Award for her efforts.  She helped raise my family and keep the boy dogs in order.  Cadie died at age 17.  My next pup was a son sired by CH Epic Firebrand named CH Richmore Firy Finigan Caliente and along with his breeder taught me how to groom for the showring.  I got my first Champion and won my first Terrier Puppy Groups with this firey male.  Fini retired "at age 5 to become a companion for my aged Father".

By this time my family was getting older and I was serious about breeding Lakies.  I was lucky to become acquainted with Patricia Peters of the Kilfel Lakies in Philadelphia.  Pat sold me a young bitch named CH Kilfel Floribunda "Carmi".  With Pat's mentoring I made some good decisions both showing Carmi and breeding her.  Carmi was a perfect brood bitch and free whelped big fat healthy litters of up to 7 pups.  She is now retired and lives with my Grandson and occasionally helps mother the new litters.  From her pups I was able to continue breeding some very nice pups and did well in the show ring.  Her son BIS CH Caliente's Kasey Karoo was No.1 Lakie in Canada in 2000 with her Grandson BISS CH Caliente's Loyal Lucifer winning the first National Lakeland Terrier Specialty in Canada.  Her Granddaughter BIS CH Caliente's Lovely Leahy placed second in Canada in 2001 and another Grandson CH Caliente's Laser Logan placed 2nd in 2002.  In 2001 I was presented with the Breeder of the Year Award for my Lakies.

In 2003 I felt I would like to enhance my stock so I decided to go to Great Britain to see Crufts and hopefully meet some of the older breeders.  It was such an exciting time seeing the dogs in their country of birth and meeting their breeders.  I was able to visit many well known kennels and breeders and continued into Scotland to meet Joe Thorburn of the Louieville Lakelands.  His dogs were wonderful and I wanted one of his dogs so bad.  Joe was good to his word and by that September I had a 3 month old male pup, Louieville Ace sired by Louieville Ploughman.  The next March I returned for Crufts again and was thrilled to be sitting by Joe when a bitch sired by his Ploughman took BB (Best In Breed) at Crufts...I would also like to add that the 2005 winner was also sired by Ploughman!  By December 2004 Joe had sold me a red male, Louieville Bracken, sired by Ploughman, and a black and tan bitch, Louieville Tradition, who's line went back to Stingray.  Such promise!

It took several shows and Ace had his Canadian Championship winning BW at the All Terrier Specialty.  He sired his first litter of six pups December 19, 2004, three of which were shown to Championships. Ace’s next litter was born April 18, 2006 and the pictures are on our site. Two female puppies have been kept and will be shown.

In September we packed up the car with Ace, Bracken, Adi, Chance and the 2 female puppies, Quillo and Qanso and headed south for BTTR 2006. Back To The Roots is held each fall at Quansa Kennels in S. Beloit, Illinois. Pat Muller and Traci put on a fabulous time for terriers and their owners who come from New York to Texas, from California to Canada for the terrier games. We set up camp and stayed for 2 weeks. While there we did puppy imprinting, practiced Manners In Minutes, participated in pack experiences, Obedience, Conformation, Rally-O, Agility, Going to Ground and just having fun until the dogs fell asleep exhausted. My desire to learn more about pack mentality and imprinting puppies was really stimulated when we started working with over 30 dogs in the back forty and most were Lakies. The dynamics of the pack and the pack order was incredible!

It was so rewarding to see my dogs fit in with the packs and it has made me even more determined to raise appropriate dogs. After 2 weeks of work and fun we headed home leaving Miss Quillo there to grow up learning all about the skills that she will need to become a great imprinting bitch.

On Christmas Eve 2006 we delivered 4 puppies sired by Ch. Louieville Bracken. It was different having so many red heads in the house. February 20th we loaded up the car again with Bracken, Adi, Chance and the litter of 4 puppies and headed for Quansa Kennels. I felt it was important to imprint these puppies and make them the best I could. A friend from Minneapolis joined me with her litter of 5 Lakie pups who were 4 months old. Boy did we have fun comparing and imprinting the young ones. It was amazing how quickly the pups learned and by 9 weeks of age were, sitting, standing, waiting, coming on command. We had them doing agility on small tables, tunnels etc and being easy around the big Shepherd, Aussie and Deer Hound. The training never stopped and they never stopped learning. As soon as the snow cleared so I could make it home, it was decided that Bracken, Adi, Root Beer and Rosie would come home with me and that 3 of my dogs would stay and make their homes in the States. Raine and Raisin have new homes and Chance is staying to learn how to be a good and fair pack leader. You can visit Raisin’s site at- http://raisinp.home.insightbb.com/ . Hope you enjoy it.

April 15, 2007 Louieville Tradition (Adi) delivered a litter of 4 pups - 3 males and 1 female sired by Ch. Calientes Louieville Perchance (Chance). June 12 will see us heading south to Quansa Kennels with a load of 8 dogs including the pups for imprinting. Should be a great reunion to see Chance, Quillo, Raisin and Reine again.

This has been a wonderful adventure with many generous, intelligent dog people mentoring and helping me along the way.  Many thanks to you all. 






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