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Life with a Lakeland Terrier is like living with a juvenile I often tell people. They have a great sense of humour, they like things their way and they will test you quite regularly. But they are intelligent, responsive and just great fun to be with. By way of description I thought I would provide an account with pictures of their life from birth to old age.


Lakies arrive into this world after about 60 days of gestation weighing around 8 to 10 oz. They may be red, wheaten, black, blue or combinations of in color but most of mine look like little raccoons, black and tan.

Pups shown at 1 day of age.

With a good mom they double or triple their weight in the first week and from there they don't look back. They nurse 10% of the time and sleep the rest. All their energy goes into growth.

Pups shown at 1 week of age.    



Any time after the 10th day the eyes start to open and by 2 weeks the ears are opening so they can now hear. The pups will try to chew each other and play a little.

Pups shown at 2 weeks of age.

By 3 weeks they are getting teeth and the mom may start weaning the pups. My moms usually are still feeding once or twice a day up to the time the pups leave at 8 to 10 weeks.

Pups shown at 3 weeks of age.  



By week 4 the pups will try and growl and bark. They attempt to run around and roll and play. They are so cute at this stage. Anytime after week 4 I start taking them outside for short periods even if it is cold. They can get cold easily when this young so I let them cuddle in the basket I use for carrying them outside.

Pups shown at 5 weeks of age.

I like to introduce my Grandchildren early so the pups become accustomed to their fast movements and high pitched voices. It is imperative that the visits always be supervised to teach both the children and the pups how to be appropriate with each other.


Pups shown at 6 weeks of age.

Because of the rapid growth and the hardy nature of this breed they are at home outside even in the snow and love to run and play as you will see by the pictures. Around this time I start teaching "Manners In Minutes" to the pups by first attaching long ropes to them. They quickly learn that no matter where they are you have control of the situation. I would strongly recommend "Manners In Minutes" training and you can check out the web site for more information by going to www.quansaqcollar.com. Often when the weather is bad it is easier to start working on the pool table so they are closer to your face and hands for instruction and praise.

It is important that the pups spend time with appropriate Moms, Dads uncles and aunts to learn how to get along in the pack. You will see pictures of them following the older dogs and imitating their every move. If you have well trained older dogs they do a lot of your work for you by assuming the responsibility for conditioning and imprinting. The male plays and wrestles with the puppies and teaches them to play appropriately.  He runs and the puppies chase him. He encourages them to play tough, but comes down hard if they get carried away.

Maggie at 6 weeks of age  

Gruffy at 6 weeks of age

When the play is done, a good male frogs out and the puppies spend down time with him. Mom stays fairly near, but seldom interferes.

The imprinting process is so important.

At about 8 weeks of age, the male will take the females and go off hunting. He teaches the girls respect for authority.

The male puppies will go hunting with the mom.  Mom will teach the boys confidence and decision making.  She gets the boys into situations and allows them to figure things out.

5 months old and hunting with Mom  


Gruffy & Maggie
7 weeks of age

At this point, personalities begin to immerge.  The male will have played and encouraged all the puppies, however, you will really begin to see which puppies are most confident. You will see the male choose which puppy (normally a male) should and would grow up to become second in command. From that time on, the adult male will be tough on most of the males and yet indulgent and encouraging with his pick.


Sometime around week seven I start grooming them and teaching table manners. I do a little grooming each day so they look kind of scruffy for a few days. Sometime after week 8 the pups leave with their new families and new homes.


Pups at 8 weeks of age  

When they leave with their new families they are usually very good for the first week or so, sizing up the situation and also they may be a little uneasy with the change in their environment. But soon after they will start testing the waters and see where the lines are drawn for behaviour. This is such an important time in their training to remain fair and consistent in your rules. That "too cute little mutt" still must learn to be respectful of the rules and the family that sets them.
By 5 months their baby teeth are being replaced by their new adult teeth. Make sure they have lots to chew on that is appropriate or you may lose your new shoes to little teeth.

During this time the more controlled "good" situations that you put your pup in, the better adjusted and all round content your pup will be. It is important that you protect him and not allow him to get hurt so that in all situations he will know that you will lead him in the right direction and take care of him and his needs.

5 months of age, 'that taste's terrible'!

5 months of age & having a nap with Mom

By the time the pup gets to his juvenile period he will start testing your authority more and it is important that you stay very consistent and fair in your training. By the time he is around 2 years old and has been taught manners he will settle down and become a good adult. The Lakie will test you off and on for the rest of his life. It is important that he knows you are in control and are a good leader.

The Lakie is a good all round dog that can be enjoyed in many performance sports from Confirmation, Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Pet Therapy Work and Earth Trials. They love to work and be active with you.

Their health is good and they can live to a good old age usually around 15 years of age. You will see a picture of my Cadie who is 17 years old below.

Indi at 8 months  

Louie & Leahy...digging for buried treasure?

The Lakie is a game little dog and without controls and teaching can become aggressive and very hard to handle. It is important they are taught limits and controls right from the start. With appropriate care and training you will enjoy the most delightful personality for many years.
Most of all the Lakie is a people dog and loves to be busy by your side. They do not do well being left alone all day every day and will soon start to look for trouble or ways to amuse themselves.

Lexie & Lilly  

Nothing in the world is better than a couple of cute pups ...
(Ali & Zan) ...

and a couple of their favorite play toys! 


Luke showing off his excellent movement!

Carmi & Ali lovin' it up!

And last but never, ever least, our beautiful girl Cadie

at 17 years of age!
CH Laelap's Hecate CD TT TDI Delta PeTS




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