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2006 Puppies!

Photos & pedigrees of our new "English" Bloodlines

CH Louieville Ace "Ace"
CH Louieville Bracken "Bracken"
Louieville Tradition "Adi"
CH Calientes Louieville Perchance "Chance"
Other pups ~
"Chudleigh", "Parker", "Patrick", "Pride", "Princess Maggie"

Photos & pedigrees for the old dogs

CH Epic Firebrand  "Brandi"
CH Laelap's Hecate CD TT, TDI. Delta, PeTS "Cadie"
CH Richmore Firy Finigan Caliente TT "Fini"
CH Caliente's Capt'n Crackerjack "Capi"
CH Kilfel Floribunda TT,TDI,Delta, PeTS "Carmi"
CH Richmore's Dare Devil "Dare"
BIS CH Caliente's Kasey Karoo "Kasey"
CH Caliente's Jipsy Jacobi TDI PeTS "Jipsy"
BISS CH Caliente's Loyal Lucifer "Luke"
BIS CH Caliente's Lovely Leahy "Leahy"
CH Caliente's Laser Logan "Logan"
Caliente's Lady Lexie "Lexie"

Our Companions

Caliente's MacGruffy "Gruffy"
Caliente's Maggie Mae "Maggie"
Caliente's Magic Man "Magic"
Caliente's Music Man "Maestro"

Overseas Relatives




Our History     Lakeland Breed History    Life With A Lakeland

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